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Walter owned his own business growing special breeds of flowers. He had been successful over the course of his career and many years but changes to the industry including orders online and discount nurseries had made his business much less profitable. He was struggling to survive. Walter made a decision to sell or close the business and obtain employment elsewhere. He knew how to manage and operate a business and wanted to transfer those skills into a different industry. Because it had been over 20 years since he had made a career move, he enlisted the help of RL Stevens.

Walter knew it would be impossible to develop the proper way to manage his career / branding image without the proper tools. His consultant worked with him on exposure and helped him understand where his skills fit in the market place.   She identified opportunities through targeted research. Using his personal marketing action plan as a guide, he uncovered companies that could benefit from his expertise.

Although his career search started and stopped numerous times while tending to his business and then completing liquidation, Walter still utilized the targeted research. Within just a couple of months of completely closing his business, he approached an owner who was in a position to hire the right individual to run his business. The owner was great at sales and had a good market and product but not business savvy. He saw Walter as a solution. Walter would run the business while he focused on business development. This was the perfect solution for Walter. It allowed him to manage an operation, implementing processes and programs while working for another owner with opportunity for growth.

Title: Self-Employed
Salary: $40,000
Industry: Nursery    

Title: CEO
Salary: $89,500
Industry: Manufacturing

Position Search: 60 weeks
Interviews: 2
Job Offers: 1
Salary Increase: 124% ($49,500)
11/01/2010 3:47am

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