Am I where I should be?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 98,000 persons are currently working in public relations and corporate communications positions. Also according to the BLS and their Occupational Outlook Handbook (2004) writers and editors held about 320,000 jobs; writers and authors held about 142,000 jobs; Editors, about 127,000 jobs; and technical writers, about 50,000. Salaries range from $23,000 for a brand new practitioner with a baccalaureate degree to mid-range salaries between $54,000 and $91,000 and up to $150,000 or more for a Public Relations Vice President. Some industries and companies pay their employees more than others, especially those in the Northeast and Midwest U.S.

Do you know for certain that you are where you should be in terms of location, pay, and level of responsibility?

In truth, even when you know intuitively that you have alternatives, figuring out exactly what it is you want to do about your career can be a daunting task filled with some baffling questions:

Where do I begin?
Where would I be the happiest?
What is the path to the best paying job?
Is it worth the effort?
What steps must I take?
How long will it take?
For what else am I suited?

RL Stevens can help...

Our philosophy is to help you manage your career with a professionally run job search and use many unadvertised methods to create choices for your career.

If you have struggled with answering career and happiness questions like these, understand that our firm is dedicated to helping you resolve them quickly and well.

RL Stevens staff has many years of hands-on experience in identifying and realizing career options for Communications professionals both inside and outside of their industry.

With extensive market knowledge and modern research tools, we can find growth firms that need your communications expertise. RL Stevens can also help you develop other career options, identify firms in which they are in demand, and then help you move steadily and surely toward achieving your career objectives in the most expeditious manner possible.

We at RL Stevens know that when any professional is in the market for a new position, he (or she) must remain keenly aware that regardless of where he has worked in the past, how he markets himself is vital to his success. He must know how to minimize his liabilities (such as the lack of a degree or certification) and how to best showcase his achievements both verbally and in writing. He must know how to approach potential employers in the best and most efficient manner possible. He must know how to secure interviews and how to win a new position during them. In short, he must know his own worth and how best to convey that worth to his next employer if he is to maximize his chances for better pay, advancement, and job satisfaction.

RL Stevens is the nation's most successful full-service career firm providing personalized and guaranteed services to corporate professionals. If we decide to work together, we guarantee to work with you until you are in the position of your choice. Furthermore, we can provide you services for the lifetime of your career.

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