Tip #4:  Concentrate on unique transferrable value A transition (indeed any hire) depends on value not skills. Determine what value you bring -- value that transcends the boundaries of industry or function and underlies all your successes. Examples might be an ability to 1) consistently deliver growth no matter what the circumstances, 2) always find the one thing within an already good process that makes it deliver even more productivity or revenue, or 3) motivate a team to gel and excel in difficult circumstances.


Tip #5: Begin yesterday You need to lay a foundation – you cannot wait until a job loss or other crisis occurs. Research is a critical component of a multi-faceted portfolio of a job search toolkit. Use social networking tools like LinkedIn or Twitter to build visibility around your value proposition and to engage with emerging thought leaders in your targeted field. Write a blog and articles; attend industry events; make connections with movers and shakers; do field research by speaking with those doing the work you want to do; learn the industry trends and buzzwords.

Tip #6:Create employer desire You cannot assume a decision maker will immediately understand how his value will translate to the company. Do the work to discover the company's (and industry's) trends and needs.  Using that information, use your skills to predict impact with value-driven accomplishment stories and construct value-driven solutions that predict success and translate directly to the bottom-line.