“I came to RLS for four reasons: (1) I needed my resume to stand out in the crowd, (2) I needed access to contacts and business leads that I can’t acquire on my own, (3) I needed someone who can help me expedite this transition process more quickly than I can on my own, and, (4) I wanted someone to help me optimize my negotiating position.”

Within a relatively short period of time, Jack was discussing an opportunity with the president of a company that owned 20 different businesses.

The company president said, “We’ve been thinking about adding a marketing/operations strategist for over a year. We own 20 different businesses; your resume caught my eye. Don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you made contact. The job is to take three of them (approximately $21M) and help us grow the product and the market share.”

This contact came directly through the ‘targeted resume placement’ activity Jack’s marketing consultant assigned to him to do the first day of the month. He was contacted within 4 days and spent the next few weeks writing a proposal (per our tutorial on the proposal approach) about what he would do with this portion of the company.”

“The offer is interesting, especially when you put it against my wish list from our meeting. It’s 15 minutes from my house with a base salary, 15% equity, a performance bonus I helped structure, and a minimum of $50K in compensation for a special market analysis project I proposed. And remember the request for a company car? They gave me $250 car allowance (expenses) and a vehicle from the ‘owner’s collections’. That’s right! He collects cars… he has 82 of them. My company car is a fully restored 1967 Silver Shadow Rolls Royce."

Jack said, “This has been truly amazing. It’s perfect for right now. It’s diverse, it’s unique, and I won’t get bored. Could last forever… could last a few years…. Either way, I’ve got you guys on my side.”