We at RL Stevens know that when an advertising professional is in the market for a new position or career, he (or she) must remain keenly aware that regardless of where he has worked in the past, how he markets himself is vital to his success in the future. He must know how to minimize his liabilities (such as the lack of a degree or being unemployed) and how to best showcase his achievements both verbally and in writing. He must know how to approach potential employers in the best and most efficient manner. He must know how to secure interviews and how to win a new position during them. In short, he must know his own worth and how best to convey that worth to his next employer if he is to maximize his chances for better pay, advancement, and job satisfaction.

Easy to Say, Harder to Do

Sadly, most of us, even those in senior management, don't know much about changing jobs or careers. It's not a subject we study in college or a skill we hone in the field. Yes, there is a multitude of books we can read about career and job changes, just as there are about learning to play golf. However, learning golf from a book will never match the help you get from a pro who has helped hundreds like you master, what is in truth, a very difficult game.

Working together with your senior consultant, you will explore your options and select the one that will provide you with the greatest opportunity. Together you will formulate a plan of action for marketing yourself and aggressively pursuing your goals. Our staff will help you weigh the offers you receive and negotiate the most advantageous financial package. The result will be greater career satisfaction and the chance to make an impact in a new area, whether inside or outside your present discipline.

If we decide to work together, we guarantee to work with you until you are in the position of your choice. Furthermore, we can provide you an option for a Lifetime of Career Search Assistance. No other career firm provides comparable services or such guarantees to back the up!

The right position, in the right career field, with the appropriate compensation package provides peace of mind and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. With significant experience in marketing, management, creative writing, industry consulting, and sophisticated market research capabilities, we could provide you with the keys to success.

Randy Steven, CEO, RL Stevens

At RL Stevens, we hold responsiveness, dependability, and quality of service in high regard. Having come from a variety of management positions ourselves, we understand the need for personalized service from professionals who will ensure that your needs are always met. We would develop multiple, simultaneous, unpublished marketing channels and approaches to the job market the better to help you attain your goal.

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