Maureen, a dynamic woman in her late thirties, had earned her spurs the hard way. At the age of 20, she had left her home in Florida to find work in a major city in the Northeast. She became a retail clerk in a well-known national chain, worked diligently, was promoted often, and eventually became Customer Service Manager of the chain’s largest store. Then a new boss came in—and everything changed. What had once been a great job turned into a nightmare. So Maureen came to RL Stevens for some much needed help.

She had a very good idea of what she wanted to do: outside sales in the field of broadcasting. Determined to succeed, she quit her job and devoted herself wholeheartedly to the marketing campaign devised by RL Stevens with her consultant’s help. Her resume was rewritten to highlight her many sales-related achievements while downplaying her lack of a college degree. After a series of carefully orchestrated informational interviews, Maureen was offered and accepted an Advertising Representative position on the staff of the largest FM station in the city … and doubled her income! Later, she thanked her consultant for the help offered by her new resume and our techniques. “RL Stevens really REALLY made a big difference!”

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