Mike came to RL Stevens after a very long tenure with the same company (15+ years). He was concerned about the confidential nature of his search, as he had recently become a senior partner in the organization and realized how destructive it could be, if his pending transition became public knowledge.

By the middle of the 7th week, he had identified and national/international advertising company seeking a regional director to penetrate the mid-west market. This opportunity involved an entrepreneurial skill set: “I had to jump at it…The amazing thing is that I can stay at my current company while I begin to build and shape this venture. As it grows into maturity, I can step away from the manufacturing industry entirely, not be in a competitive situation, and accomplish my primary goals of: changing industries, greater flexibility, and opportunity to be involved in something new.”

“I never thought that in 2 months I’d be a Regional Director with $110K base plus incentives (commission) and stock! That’s an increase of $35K from my last job in base comp alone!! This is going to be a lot of fun… RL Stevens really helped me… I think I’ll enjoy keeping you around for the next five years.”

There are many, many more of these success stories. Won’t you let RL Stevens help create a success story about you?

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