Although the work of RL Stevens with clients is in strict confidence, we can present 'profiles' of candidates we have worked with in the past. Here are some of their stories:

Pat left college in his senior year to accept a temporary position with his family-owned printing business. Ten years later, still in the business as a manager and co-owner, he decided to complete his degree.

At the same time, the relationship he had with another family co-owner deteriorated Pat decided to leave the business and pursue a new career. Armed with a brand new degree at age 32, he entered the market and after a short period of time, came to RL Stevens for assistance.

He faced several negatives: his age, coming from an industry that was drastically shrinking, and wearing the label of the entrepreneur to name only a few. Pat’s consultant went to work targeting viable industries, and then determining which would be best. Advertising seemed to be both logical and promising. Then it was a matter of positioning Pat correctly, and developing a customized package to enable him to achieve his goals. Within three short months, after a series of interviews with several firms, Pat was able to secure an Advertising Sales Representative position that not only took advantage of his past experience in the printing industry, but also moved him into a much more dynamic and promising environment.

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