If you are someone thinking about strategic direction, career transition and where new ideas are needed, you may appreciate this story in the brief below.

Vice President of Franchise Operations to National Vice President of Multi-Branding. Ralph came to RL Stevens looking for a change of scenery.  Circumstances...had changed, he could see some long-term ramifications...wisdom dictated he ought to at least consider his options...

General Review
Ralph came to RL Stevens looking for a change of scenery. Circumstances at his current employer had changed; he could see some long-term ramifications that would adversely impact his position within the organization…wisdom dictated he ought to at least consider his options.

Once his consultant completely assessed his skills, knowledge, and direction, Ralph was provided with information showing the beginning of the hiring pattern for the desired industries. Ralph selectively placed his information into the hands of key decision makers at some companies, based on our targeted research and began the ‘courting process’ with the world’s largest fast food conglomerate.  Much of the process was accomplished without ever discussing salary or the actual positional title, which he would hold.

An interesting chain of events provided him with the opportunity to be involved at the ground level of ‘multi-branding’ with these stores, in which all three restaurants share a facility, much like a miniature ‘food court’.

“Seven years with the same organization in the same position can give you a real tunnel vision for what you can do and where you could fit within an organization.  This gave me the confidence to go in and communicate with senior level decision makers as peers, with a clear understanding of my qualifications and marketability.”

Title: VP of Franchise Operations
Salary: $125,000
Industry: Food Service

Title: National VP of Multi-Branding
Salary: $165,000 +
Industry: Restaurant Management

Position Search: 5 Weeks (from re-launch)
Interviews: 3
Job Offers: 2
Salary Increase:  32% + corporate perks ($40,000)
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