Ryan had spent the past year doing freelance work as an independent creative writer and television-advertising consultant. He had plenty of business and revenue, but was seeking something more stable, with a long-term growth path.

As a writer, Ryan accelerated through RL Stevens analytical profiles, 3C stories, and other developmental materials. His eager approach to use RL Stevens’s technological tools provided him a great attitude for launch. His efforts produced instant results.

“Leads and contacts, businesses, clients, vendors, and search firms came rolling out of the woodwork. I had more contract business than ever before…. And after going through the program, I was more prepared than ever to represent my functional skills and competencies”

A previous employer of Ryan’s contacted him and asked him to come on in a Sports marketing position at a salary $48,000 higher than his last—plus commission, bonus and incentives! “They had seen my materials, heard what I had been doing, and asked me to write my own position description and compensation proposal: How cool can this get?!?”

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