Circumstance - Conduct- Conclusion
Complete and Concise Interviewing
            Is the Conclusion truly responsive to the Circumstance (i.e. problem or opportunity) identified? If not, rephrase either the Circumstance or Conclusion to make them line-up with one another. This creates interest.
            Have you cited an appropriate result for each action taken? If not, either you should…or the action was incidental and can be dropped from the story. A frequently apparent shortcoming in many Three C presentations is the inclusion of irrelevant information…usually in describing the situation, but occasionally also in the actions or in the results.
            Don’t bury your listener with unnecessary detail. You’re painting a word picture with broad-brush strokes. Layer your results; checking to make certain that each is more significant than the one preceding it. In the telling, after you detail the most significant result…STOP…and wait for questions or for a response.

Auditing your experience…
Three C’s are stories; a good storyteller is welcome and remembered in almost any environment. Many clients, upon successful completion of their campaigns, cite the Three C technique as the most effective of all techniques used in converting interviews to offers. It is a technique worthy of study and practice…

a technique it would be wise to master.

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