Circumstance - Conduct- Conclusion

Complete and Concise Interviewing

            An effective Three C story presents a scenario in which the interviewer can identify with the challenges you faced in considering your circumstances and conduct. Strong Three C’s position your skills to the employers' needs. He or she will react favorably based on the positive results.

            Create demand and position your branding. Communication is marketing from the point of view of the hiring manager. One of the best ways your career search communications can be looked at is as brief anecdotes which, when properly utilized, stress your values and strengths, and establish your credentials in areas of need or concern as they exist in the mind of your listener. 

            Responses following the Three C technique may be considered the simplest, most concise, most direct forms of COMPLETE COMMUNICATION; and they are the strongest conversational fortification one has in career development, the market campaign, or the job search. One of the most memorable ways of presenting value is to do so in a manner that succinctly describes problems you were successful in solving by using a “story-telling” format. Story telling is a powerful medium, especially when you concentrate on action-oriented stories that portray several abilities in one telling. Invariably, incidental circumstances in the story will register memorably because of their relevance to the listener's needs.

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