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Andrew realized that since he had not actively searched for a new position for 8 years and had only lived in the United States for about a year and a half, he needed a directed marketing–based career search, similar to ones he himself had worked on in his career.  Although he was employed at the time, he had become sidelined with few prospects for advancement.  He looked to RL Stevens and Associates to shape up his communications, both written and verbal, and to help him gain quality interviews in companies where he could grow.

After assessing Andrew’s experience and skill sets, his consultant helped him focus on appropriate functional levels and likely industries.  He provided Andrew with the contact information of appropriate C-Level executives at companies in those targeted industries. He converted Andrew’s 4-page CV into a powerful 2-page targeted resume, edited his letters and e-mails, strengthened his interviewing skills and provided the coaching he needed to execute his Marketing Plan.  He now had decision maker names and a targeted resume showing his skills in line with the needs of the companies he was contacting.  With this, he was able to bypass human resources and go straight to the decision makers.

Carrying a heavy workload, Andrew made consistent progress generating quality interviews.  The offer he accepted was one of three in advanced stages of interviewing.  His new position not only increased his compensation substantially but also his prospects for further advancement.

“You’ve been a true partner throughout my search.  Thank you!!”

Title: (Unemployed) Vice President – Market Research and Analytics
Salary: $175,000 + 15% bonus
Industry: Direct Marketing    

Title: Director of Analytics
Salary: $192,000 + 20% bonus
Industry: Market Research

Position Search: 37 Weeks
Interviews: 5
Job Offers: 1
Salary Increase: 10% ($17,000)

RL Stevens pinpoints your best functional and industry career options. When you identify employer needs through in-depth market research, then develop a personalized solution and communication initiative that aligns with those needs, you will yield a positive outcome.

Before any obligation exists for you or RL Stevens, a careful evaluation will be completed to establish the exact work to be done for you in accordance with your career goals.

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