Whether you are trying to market, sell, promote or advertise any product, service, company or yourself, you can't succeed by appearing average, and especially without target marketing and the proper exposure. It is this premise upon which RL Stevens has founded its methodology, a methodology that over the past quarter-century has helped thousands move toward more satisfying and rewarding careers.

Let us help you maximize your career potential!

We guarantee your total satisfaction with each phase of our work and to work with you until you are in a new position. We further provide an option for Career services for the lifetime of your career. No other career firm provides comparable services or such guaranties to back them up!

Chris was a young MBA graduate with little experience and high aspirations. He had felt that his credentials would carry him into a position with high pay simply on the degree alone. Sophisticated organizations of today, however, have made it clear that they are much more interested in practical experience and applicable knowledge than only high grades or good schools.

It became very clear that coming to RL Stevens was one of the best moves Chris could make. Although very bright, his job search skills were largely ineffective before contracting with us.

His consultant determined which fields would gain Chris experience and a good salary as well as affording him full use of his skill set. After targeting the appropriate job targets, his consultant began to help Chris develop a strong resume, coached him through the art of interviewing, and provided him with knowledge of how to network effectively. He also provided research material from which Chris could extract vital company information about organizations where he wanted to work.

Within a few short months Chris was able to target, approach, and reach a decision-maker within a company for which he really wanted to work. With careful coaching from his RL Stevens consultant, Chris convinced the company of his abilities to enhance their public relations program and got the offer as planned.

Ira came to RL Stevens because he had been in marketing for a very long time, but wanted to get into a more external public relations-oriented function. He had no idea how to go about such a task since it had been more than 25 years since he'd conducted a job search and had no direction regarding what other fields or industries he could migrate into with his background. To add complexity to his situation, he believed that age and a total lack of formal education would hinder him greatly in marketing himself.

Ira's consultant assured him that a unique marketing plan preceded by some effective self-assessment would make the task easier. Moving forward, he and Ira determined that Ira would be happy in a variety of positions including running his own public relations consulting business. Ira decided to explore all the possibilities at the same time leaving no stone unturned.

In the meantime, it was strongly recommended that Ira enroll in a formal education program to strengthen his resume and his marketability in that regard. The strategy worked very well and, in the end, Ira made the decision to join a national consulting firm offering small business expertise specifically focused on public relations issues. The flexibility and independence coupled with his flair for excellent advisement have helped him greatly in carving out a niche in an industry that will work for him for many years to come.

Give yourself set goals, one year, two years, five years, and maybe you was born as well as others, through hard work, often can change the fate of 70%. Broken falls can only make friends and cowardice.

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