Program Manager to Quality and Reliability Manager.  Clyde's career progression had stalled a few months before...the division he supported had grown only slightly and no promotions were on the horizon...

General Review

Clyde’s career progression had stalled a few months before he approached RL Stevens.  The division he supported had grown only slightly and no promotions were on the horizon.  He looked to RL Stevens' expertise and targeted, multi-channel marketing approach to return to a career growth path and greater responsibility.
His consultant developed that approach for him.  He positioned Clyde with a look toward the future, emphasizing Clyde’s senior-level experience and accomplishments.  He provided research on high-growth, high-potential technology companies in his geographical area and helped him target and approach decision-makers in several of them.  Since Clyde realized that his job search skills were rusty, he often relied on his consultant to edit his e-mails and letters, put the proper “spin” on his tailored resumes and decide the exact best approach to use to generate interviews.

Using the strategies, tactics and research provided by RL Stevens in addition to his consultant’s individualized coaching, Clyde quickly began to generate quality interviews.

He called on his consultant before and after each interview for help preparing and following up.  He turned down one offer that wasn’t quite the right fit, but received a much better offer soon thereafter.  His consultant helped him weigh the pros and cons of accepting and helped him negotiate a $10,000 increase from the initial offer.


Within one month, Clyde was able to make the transition to a growth position in a company whose upward path matches his desired trajectory.

Title: Program Manager
Salary: $130,000+ bonus
Industry: Robotics    

Title: Quality and Reliability Manager
Salary: $140,000 + $10,000 signing bonus + performance bonus
Industry: Robotics

Position Search: 4 weeks
Interviews: 3
Job Offers: 2
Salary Increase: 7.2% ($10,000) + $10,000 bonus

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