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Multiple changes in the industry, shifts in the market, and transitions within the compensation structure at his company, forced Darrell to consider ‘outplacement’ as a means by which to alter his career path.   Most of his background had been in business development, community partnerships, and fund raising.

The RL Stevens program helped him to see that his skills went beyond the ‘finance pieces’ and extended to the research, analysis, forecasting, and development side of individual businesses, not just large commercial projects.  As a matter of fact, the assessment tools helped him to see that there was a strong entrepreneurial element in his character that was going totally ‘untapped’.  His RL Stevens consultant helped him to see and understand where his skills fit in the marketplace.

The resume was developed to address these possibilities, as were custom opportunities.  The networking strategies simply re-enforced the fine tuned skills he had developed in his previous situations.  Darrell was shown multiple published and unpublished opportunities to pursue and given a wide variety of market intelligence.  Using multiple levels of his marketing strategy, discussions began between Darrell and a hiring officer regarding business development, consulting, strategic planning, and vision casting.  Shortly thereafter, Darrell was offered a position.

“This is it!  It’s the best of all the worlds.  I get to continue in business development.  I get to tap into the consulting and marketing aspects.  I will have a great deal of entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility.  I will not be focused on commission based selling, but can focus on strong business relationships… and in the process, will be making great contacts with CEO/Presidents of companies around the state.  This may be the perfect position, or the most unbelievable ‘bridge job’ any of your clients have ever taken.  In either case, I’m counting on you guys to continue helping me shape this growth path.”

Title:  Financial Planner
Salary:  $60,000
Industry:  Financial Services

Title:  Senior Consultant
Salary:  $100,000
Industry:  Business Analysis/Consulting

Position Search:  2 Weeks
Interviews:  2
Job Offers:  1
Salary Increase:  67% ($40,000)

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It moves a deep part in my heart. Thank you very much.I like this site.

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You are reallly a good guy. Thank you for your post.


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