Lean Manufacturing Manager to Global Program Manager.  Darrell came to RL Stevens with approximately 10 years experience as a project supervisor.

Founded in 1982 by Randy Stevens, RL Stevens has grown from a single office into a multi-divisional corporation with offices and consultants throughout the country. Built on an unwavering commitment to helping executives and professionals achieve their career goals, RL Stevens has become the Nation’s most successful full-service career firm.
For 29 years, RL Stevens has helped thousands of professionals and executives secure new career positions in the fastest, most efficient manner.

If you are someone thinking about strategic direction, career transition and where new ideas are needed, you may appreciate this client’s story in the brief below.

Darrell came to RL Stevens with approximately 10 years experience as a project supervisor in electronics manufacturing.  His career goals were to move into sales, preferably in a global position… with compensation that would allow his wife to stay home and be a mom (aka: domestic engineer).

Even prior to final drafts of his resume, Darrell was networking feverishly. Using the extensive deep level market research RL Stevens provided, along with key decision maker names in companies that fit Darrell's target market, a position was revealed that would allow him to relocate to the west coast, increase his compensation so that his wife could remain at home, and join a company with long-term growth in a global environment.

Aggressive training and polishing of his interviewing techniques positioned him for an offer at the conclusion of his first face-to-face interview. The rest… is history.

“I couldn’t believe the way the company responded to my negotiating strategies…

They gave me everything that I asked for….  No balks, no questions….

My only regret is I wasn’t as aggressive as my consultant said I should be,

I didn’t ask for enough…. And I probably could have done even better.”

Title: Lean Manufacturing Manager
Salary: $86,500
Industry: Electronics Equipment    

Title: Global Program Manager
Salary: $105,000 + 20% bonus
Industry: Hi-tech/Informational

Position Search: 9 Weeks
Interviews: 2
Job Offers: 2
Salary Increase: 45%

10/20/2010 12:00am

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