David went from a Business Development Manager to a Store Accounting Director.

General Review

David had experienced solid career growth. From a Public accounting firm to an automotive firm and finally to a financial consulting firm in a business development role.  As the market and competition changed, David’s firm didn’t.  He felt that the firm needed to be more competitive.  A new management team entered the picture and mapped out new business strategies. David felt that the strategies were flawed, and said so to the new boss. David’s opinion was not welcomed and he was asked to leave the firm. He came to RL Stevens.

David’s consultant conducted a thorough review of his background. David’s goal was to find a position that matched his business philosophy and one in which he can contribute, introduce new ideas, build business, and be recognized for his success. David's consultant developed a communication strategy to move from a firm where he was not appreciated to a company that values his experience and knowledge. A targeted resume was developed that focused on David’s strengths and aspirations along with a plan to penetrate his target market. Custom openings, unpublished opportunities, key decision makers and deep level research were provided.

David’s first response led him to a firm that was the fit David was looking for and, after several meetings, an offer was on the table. David’s consultant reviewed the offer with him and helped him develop negotiating strategies that:

1) Increased his vacation time.

2) Had the company pay David’s COBRA payments for the first 90 days until he was eligible for health insurance.

3) Generated a $5,000 starting bonus for David

Title: Business Development Manager
Salary: $110,000
Industry: Consulting    

Title: Director, Store Accounting
Salary: $148,000 includes bonus
Industry: Retail

Position Search: 8 Weeks
Interviews: 1
Job Offers: 1
Salary Increase: 35% ($38,500)

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