Alexis Aronson, RL Stevens: “The right position, in the right career field, with the appropriate compensation package provides peace of mind and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.”

With significant experience in marketing, management, creative writing, industry consulting, and state-of-the-art market research capabilities, we could provide you with the keys to success.

At RL Stevens, responsiveness, dependability, and quality of service are held in high regard. Having come from a variety of management positions ourselves, we understand the need for personalized service from a professional who will ensure that your needs are always met.

We would develop multiple, simultaneous, unpublished marketing channels to the job market the better to help you attain your goal.

Whether you are trying to market, sell, promote or advertise any product, service, company or yourself, you can't succeed by appearing average, and especially without target marketing and the proper exposure. It is this premise upon which RL Stevens has founded its methodology, a methodology that over the past quarter-century has helped thousands move toward more satisfying and rewarding careers.

Let us help you maximize your career potential!

We guarantee your total satisfaction with each phase of our work and to work with you until you are in a new position. We further provide an option for Career services for the lifetime of your career. No other career firm provides comparable services or such guaranties to back them up!

As a Public Relations consultant, you may need our expert consulting for YOUR career. Let us help you maximize your potential!

Client Campaign Profiles for the Public Relations & Communications Marketplace

Diane partnered with RL Stevens to aid her in uncovering public relations career opportunities in growing companies and healthy industries. She also sought to balance her life more, increase her salary potential and discover greater growth potential with a company.

Utilizing highly competitive intelligence gained from RL Stevens’s databases and career information sources, Diane impressed a strong player in the current market. This firm flew her out to their corporate offices for the final interview phases. The skills she refined with coaching from her consultant won a respectable offer. Diane also received a radical increase in interest from recruiters when she re-submitted our new resume utilizing some industry-specific keywords. The focus and direction phase of our service helped her to understand and represent those functions on-line and in her marketing tools.

As often occurs with our professional clients, when their current employer learns that they have received other highly competitive offers and are planning to leave, it extends a strong counter offer and a bidding contest ensues. With our frequent support, Diane was able to engage in a strategic negotiating process with her present company that lasted a week.

In the end, Diane not only gained an increase of $40,000 in salary, including bonuses and commission, but also was acknowledged by Corporate and the CEO. She was given a promotion and promised a career path that included continuing responsibility, leadership, and decision-making power at the corporate level.

When her firm needs new employees, she now calls us to send them appropriate candidates, knowing we attract solid professionals who are exploring competitive opportunities.

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