For 29 years, RL Stevens has helped thousands of professionals and executives secure new career positions in the fastest, most efficient manner. Here is a business leader who engaged RL Stevens to get quality interviews. If you are someone thinking about strategic direction, career transition and where new ideas are needed, you may appreciate this client’s story in the brief below.

General Review

Donald was unemployed as a result of the sale and subsequent reorganization of his company.  He had been with his employer for five years.  Prior to that position he was with the same company for over a decade before being laid off.  He enjoyed the manufacturing environment and his goal was to obtain a position with another privately held company.  He engaged the services of RL Stevens for company expertise and to minimize the length of his search in a weak economy.

His consultant developed a multi-channel marketing approach emphasizing his senior level management experience and accomplishments.  Most importantly, she provided targeted research in his geographical market while guiding him through many unpublished approaches to communicate with those decision makers.

Using the strategies and research provided by his consultant, he began to generate quality interviews.  His consultant provided a solid marketing plan that Donald executed making sure he positioned his value statement to the employer’s needs in this hard economy.  Within a short period of time, Donald was offered and accepted a leadership position in a private manufacturing company that had had weak leadership in the financial area.

Summary – Donald, in a 6-week period went from being unemployed to a CFO position with a higher salary and a chance to become CEO in the future.

“My consultant helped me develop a job search program that was focused and effective.”

Title:  (Unemployed) CFO
Salary:  $120,000
Industry:  Manufacturing    

Title:  CFO
Salary:  $135,000
Industry:  Manufacturing

Position Search:  6 weeks
Interviews:  6
Job Offers:  2
Salary Increase: 13% ($15,000)

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