General Review

An associate attorney with 6 years law firm experience, Felicia wanted to look for an in-house position with a Washington, D.C. area corporation - she came to RL Stevens to help her make it happen!
Felicia's legal experience was highly transferable to the corporate sector, so in a relatively short period of time, RL Stevens research showed indicators of movement in target companies.  She soon found herself interviewing with several area corporations.

Felicia and her consultant developed a strategy before each interview, and the work paid off. Two offers arrived in one week. Now it was time for a negotiation strategy! Again, the strategy worked. One company matched the other company's offer, and added a 55,000 signing bonus to boot!
Felicia wrote to us and said: “Your ability to thoroughly research the firms prior to my interviews really paid off for me. I went into the interviews fully prepared to create value. Our strategy has resulted in a successful transition to a better position and the successful shattering of the ‘100K glass ceiling’. Thanks so very much for your help.”  $105,000 + $55,000 signing bonus

Title:  Associate Attorney
Salary:  $98,000
Industry:  Law Firm

Title:  Assistant VP H/R
Salary:  $105,000 + $55,000 sign bonus
Industry:  Systems Integration

Position Search:  2 Months
Interviews:  4
Job Offers:  2
Salary Increase:  63% ($62,000)

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