If you are someone thinking about strategic direction, career transition and where new ideas are needed, you may appreciate this clients story in the brief below.

General Review

Jeff was well versed in sales and intended to stay in the function. However, he very much wanted to get into an area outside of his industry and get into one where there were more opportunities and considerably higher pay ranges. Jeff called RL Stevens to see if we could help him decide which industries would offer those options and how to put together a strategy to get him there.

Jeff’s consultant put together a very aggressive plan that included a career change program to assist Jeff in leveraging his transferable skills into the new career path. A wide variety of market intelligence was provided including key decision makers to approach. Jeff’s need was to circumvent human resources, so his consultant provided him information on the hiring patterns before they were posted. Many of the techniques were completely unfamiliar to Jeff and he spent a little time making sure that he thoroughly understood how to go about implementing the career change project plan that had been designed specifically to his particular needs. He wanted to do it right the first time.

Jeff followed the marketing plan that had been designed for him and within a couple weeks he was getting some action and within six weeks he had his first offer. Jeff and his consultant talked about the opportunity and his consultant recommended that he hold out for a better one. Jeff was so confident in the process that his consultant had put together that he decided to heed the advice.  Within three weeks another, much more lucrative, offer was extended which he successfully negotiated and accepted.

Title: Director of Sales
Salary: $87,000
Industry: Food

Title: Sales Executive
Salary: $65,000 + $45,000 avg. comm.=
$110,000 + 2,000 shares of stock
Industry: Hi-Tech

Position Search: 6 Weeks
Interviews: 4
Job Offers: 2
Salary Increase: 26%+

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