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“Give me a fish and I’ll eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I’ll eat for a lifetime.  Thank you (RL Stevens) for teaching me effective career search tools and techniques.  The RL Stevens’s strategies and methodologies have been a great value to me.  Additionally, you reminded me of my value in the workplace. That greatly grew my confidence in the negotiation stages of the interview. The whole concept of salary negotiation was foreign to me until I contacted the professionals at RL Stevens.”

Matt came to our office wondering what to do in his career. His sense of loyalty to a previous employer was causing him to loose focus on other more rewarding options in the workplace. Matt re-examined his situation with his employer and realized that he was giving much more than he was receiving.  It was time to explore new opportunities.

Matt's consultant quickly assessed his most marketable skills and knowledge and created a targeted resume, targeted toward the needs of growth industries. He was provided with strategic information and key decision maker and company names in these industries. We helped Matt better quantify his past successes and polish his interviewing presentation. We helped maximize his talents and skills in a new arena. We also provided him with spot opportunities.

Within seven weeks of kicking off his career marketing campaign, Matt was thrilled to have a good number of interviews and two offers to choose from. He was able to work with his consultant and negotiate a great increase and salary and exceptional benefits.

“You guys really helped me move in a new direction. I remember you saying: "’Different is not always better, but better is always different.’ Thanks for helping me grow.”

Title: VP of Customer Relations
Salary: $52,500
Industry: Insurance    

Title: Business Developer
Salary: $75,000 - $80,000
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Position Search: 7 Weeks
Interviews: 5
Job Offers: 2
Salary Increase: 43% - 52%

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