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“Wow, this is fun!  I’m not sure who is enjoying this more, me or my wife.  These exercises are so rewarding… they’ve revealed things about my skills and experiences that I had simply forgotten.  I have the confidence to pursue the types of positions that I always FELT I was capable of handling.”

These were the words of our client Randy, in the middle of our third consultation meeting.  These were strong comments from a client whose initial concerns were that he felt pigeon-holed, lacking options, and frustrated that he had allowed himself to stay with the same organization for 21 years.

A number of initial contacts had come to fruition in the midst of our pre-launch training process.  We modified the resume and pursued one of them very heavily.  The initial interview went very well.  Randy was told that he was the number one candidate and invited for a weekend-long ‘recruitment visit’ with his wife.  The offer came at the end of that second visit.

Counter negotiations were implemented with the RL Stevens staff, to help him maximize his earnings potential.  Randy was able to move from a long-standing traditional multi-physician practice to a cutting edge smaller practice committed to growth, expansion, and specialty niche services.

“It’s amazing to me, that a smaller group can have revenues and potential that outweigh a group with 10 times as many personnel.   This is going to be a lot of fun… and I’ve got you on my side for another 4.5 years, if I feel another transition is necessary.”

Title:  Administrator
Salary:  $90,000
Industry:  Healthcare Administration
Title:  Chief Administrative Officer
Salary:  $125,000
Industry:  Group Practice Admin

Position Search:  2.5 Weeks
Interviews:  1
Job Offers:  1
Salary Increase:  40% ($35,000)
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